Industrial Air Compressors

Omega Air Compressors

For commercial, automotive and industrial applications, Omega Heavy Duty Industrial Compressors are available in both vertical and horizontal configurations from 5hp to 30hp. Choose from our gas series, silent series and/or duplex.


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Product Details

All Omega Reciprocating Heavy Duty Industrial Units offer the following specs:

Omega AIr Compressor
Corespray Omega Air Compressor

We also supply Compressed Air Accessories

Air Compressor

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Rotary Screw Compressors

The PS 1000 screw compressor series unifi es at the same time high performances together with low consumption. Room is quite a considerable cost when designing a compressed air control unit. OMEGA POWER SYSTEM has designed a control unit complete with compressor, oil separating fi lter and condensate discharge in the space of simply 0.59 cubic metres.


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