How to Choose a Spray Booth?

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How to Choose a Spray Booth?

When functionality, worker safety, quality, and productivity truly matters to your bottom line, making the right choice for your Spray Booth supplier in Toronto is only the beginning.

Answer the following 7 Questions to make the best-informed decision about your new spray booth:

  • Does the spray booth meet our Safety Policy Guidelines?  As you already know, fumes from most paints, thinners and coating materials are always a concern for an employer. Your new spray booth will meet your Canada Safety compliance issues. Fumes are vented out of the spraying area, lowering the risk of fire hazard.
  • Does the spray booth meet your Worker Safety Compliance?  Training is always key. Booth sprays are a controlled work environment and workflow area. Better equipment keeps your HR happy. Happy workers equal happy customers. You can look at options and upgrades when purchasing your new spray booth. You want to make sure that your spray booth is well lit and provides optimal visibility to the operators and painters.
  • Does the Spray booth allow you to produce a finished Quality Product? A Spray Booth carries volatile fumes and paint overspray away.  This means the possibility of costly overspray damage to already sprayed products is reduced. At the end of the day, this helps your HR produce a better quality product.
  • Are we reducing our environmental footprint? If your goal is to help reduce ozone emissions, then a good booth spray can do this for your eco-conscious company. Keeping the fumes contained and vented properly, contribute to more fresh air in the environment, as well as the health and well-being of the painter.
  • Are we increasing productivity and profits?  The answer is yes! By reducing disposal costs, clean up times, painting cycles and faster curing, you are increasing your ROI.
  • Can our supplier offer us high-quality spray paint line products? They should! Core Spray offers two top lines in the industry which include Binks & DeVilbiss for spray guns and accessories.
  • Can your supplier meet your timelines? You too can have your Ontario Spray Booth and your spray paint line accessories on schedule. Call for a quote.

We work with both automotive and industrial companies. Give us a call to get your quote from Core Spray. Callum, Core Spray’s president, has been in this industry for over 10 years. Whether you need a custom-built solution or a pre-fab spray booth, you are in the right hands.  Core Spray also supplies all the spray guns and accessories you will need to optimize your spray booth operations.

Core Spray is available in Toronto | Ottawa | London | Parry Sound | Sudbury | Hamilton | Alberta | New Brunswick | Ontario | British Columbia | Windsor | North Bay | Kitchener | Niagara Falls | Peterborough | Barrie | Guelph | Owen Sound | St. Catherines | Kingston

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